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Deathnography Podcast

May 29, 2023

A special crossover episode brought to you by CURSED WITH GOOD IDEAS and Deathnography, one hundred and eight minutes of call-in show with Dino Chang, Gabriele de Seta, Patrick Harrison, and Henry Lee answering your questions and giving advice to Young Men. In this episode: sapiosexuality, academic career, love, labor,...

Jan 31, 2023

Toronto's police budget has increased by nearly 50 million dollars, while shelters and warming centres remain critically underfunded. I speak with Lorraine Lam, from the Shelter and Housing Justice Network about the current housing crisis, and together we tackle some myths about homelessness and encampments.



Feb 10, 2022

In this episode, I speak with Majerle Lister (member of the Navajo Nation, host of Wósdéé Podcast, PhD at University of Arizona) about sovereignty, the history of Navajo tribal government, red-baiting, and solidarity between Indigenous and white working people. I also speak with Alexandra Lépine (Métis communist...

Jan 2, 2022


I had a conversation with my friend Aamer of Das Criminal Podcast ( We discussed the good art vs good politics, video games as propaganda, and whether art can be a substitution for political theory (no). I recorded...

Jul 3, 2021

Socialist projects of the 20th century were the target of murderous campaigns originating in the global north. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed... but they aren't the ones getting a monument in Ottawa.
A discussion with Harbinger Society Presents and Habibti Please Podcast